Struggling with Shoulder Pain in Louisville KY?

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Questions about Shoulder Pain in Louisville KY?  As we go through our daily routine we don’t think of the stress and load we put on our shoulders. We extend them over load them and give it no regard until they hurt. Along with the shoulder having the greatest range of motion of all the joints in the body it is also the most complex joint in the body.

It is extremely important that a proper evaluation and diagnosis are performed to determine an effective treatment plan. In the article we will discuss the anatomy, mechanism of injury and rehabilitation. Westport Chiropractic and Rehab wants to help you get the proper diagnosis and the most effective treatment to overcome your shoulder pain in Louisville.

Anatomy of the Shoulder in Louisville KY

The anatomy of the shoulder is very complex. There is a misconception that the shoulder is a ball and socket joint but really shoulder joint is defined as a sling joint. It is more like a golf ball sitting on a golf tee and placed sideways. The top of the arm which is the humeral head is attached to the glenoid fossa by the rotator cuff and several other soft tissue attachments. This soft tissue forms a capsular ligament around the joint which is frequently injured.

Evaluation of Shoulder pain

The shoulder is typically injured by a specific trauma but can also be injured through repetitive use syndrome. Such a throwing a baseball, continuously lifting a heavy purse or briefcase and one-sided motion creating an imbalance in the musculature and injury.

When a person comes to Westport Chiropractic and Rehab complaining of shoulder pain in Louisville Kentucky it is extremely important that this injury it evaluated properly through orthopedic test, range of motion test and MRI evaluation if appropriate. Once the cause and the degree of injury has been determined a proper treatment plan can be put in place to address the injury.

Chiropractic Treatment for Shoulder Pain

Treatments can consist of myo-facial work, joint manipulation, Kinesio taping, ultrasound, and possibly laser therapy followed by an active rehabilitation plan. These treatments each have a distinct purpose in addressing the wide range of damage that may have occurred.

The physiology of the injury is as follows. Once the soft tissue of the joint is injured the body lays down small amounts of scar tissue known as myofascial adhesions to help repair the damaged tissue. This is the most come on issue we see at Westport Chiropractic and Rehab. This problem is that scar tissue formation can lead to pain syndromes and a decrease range of motion in the muscle and in turn in the joint. This condition is treated with a specific technique called graston. This therapy is used to break up down the scar tissue that forms in the fascia and surrounding soft tissue. Properly applied we see increase in range of motion in the shoulder by 20-40% in the first few treatments.

Along with stripping of the soft tissue kinesio taping is often used to help in creating stability and correct positioning of the joint. The proper application of the tape (stretch) between the origin and insertion creates a circulation effect circulation effect. Other therapies such as ultra sound and cold laser therapy can help with blood flow which in turn helps with healing.

After passive therapies have been used to help with pain relief and start the healing process. Active therapy begins. This will consist of what we call three-dimensional proprioceptive exercises to help increase strength and stability. It is vital that the strength and stability are created to prevent further injury.

Regardless if you have shoulder problems or have completed a rehab program the key to preventing and keeping your shoulders healthy is before any activity to perform a proper warm-up of the shoulder.

If you or someone you know who is a resident of Louisville Kentucky that’s suffers from shoulder pain please have them contact Westport Chiropractic and Rehab for a proper evaluation.


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