"My son had a back injury from wrestling. We saw a chiropractor for a couple of weeks and he wasn't getting any relief from the pain with the daily adjustments. You were absolutely great work to him in so quickly and before practices. The soft tissue work you did... relieved his pain and got him back to wrestling in two visits. I was truly amazed it was resolved so quickly after we had tried for weeks. Your clinic is clean and comforting, your staff so sweet and kind...a very relaxing and healing experience. Thank you so much."

- K. Sallee

"I initially went to Dr. Wheeler with a lower back pain. He quickly identified the back issue and within a few treatments I was pain free. We also discussed a chronic shoulder problem that I have had for years. The pain I was experiencing was due to years of heavy weightlifting. I thought I was just getting old (in my 40’s) and my shoulders were just worn out. However, Dr. Wheeler identified a few issues within in my shoulders and non-invasively treated. After just 2 treatments I was basically pain free. I could not believe it—and still can’t. This was the first time in years, I am actually weight training pain free. I cannot overstate how pleased I am with Dr. Wheeler’s care. I would highly recommend Dr. Wheeler to anyone. Thank You to Dr. Wheeler and Staff."

- J. Casey

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