Treating Muscular Problems in Louisville

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At Westport Chiropractic we take a two-part approach to treating patient’s muscular problems in Louisville. Most of our patients present muscular skeletal issues, these types of problems involve a joint component and a soft tissue part.

Treating Muscular Problems in Louisville

The joint issue can involve things like joint fixation, degeneration, facet syndrome and misalignment. These are corrected through spinal adjustments which are performed manually or by an instrument. Other treatment for joint issues can involve flexion distraction joint mobilization and spinal decompression. The soft tissue component involves muscle. tendon, ligaments, and facia. The approach to treating these types of issues are just as important as addressing the joint.

Soft tissue issues typically fall into two categories weakness or scar tissue. Weakness is addressed with exercises with focus on stability/ balance. This helps increase what’s called mechanoreception. This is the time space correlation in the joint, the best way to describe it as three-dimensional strength not just one plane of motion. The issue of scar tissue are called myo-fascial adhesions. Myo meaning muscle and fascial this is a connective tissue matrix that connects muscle to skin and to bone. When this tissue is damaged the body lays down adhesive tissue aka collagen. This is called scar tissue it causes the muscle tissue to lose its elasticity which in turn uses a decrease in range of motion. Addressing this type of issue take a specific approach. At our clinic we address these type of soft tissue issues with two different techniques one is called soft tissue mobilization and the other is superficial dry needling.

Soft tissue mobilization involves stripping of the soft tissue with an instrument. An ointment is applied to the effected area and friction is applied to the tissue to break apart the scar tissue. Dry needling can also be used. This involves using very thin needles like they use in acupuncture. These needles are inserted to the area of pain. The needles are placed superficial in the skin. The goal is to release the adhesive tissue with either technique. Once this occurs and the pressure in the joint has been released the range of motion in joint should return. Helping to reduce the pain and establish joint integrity to help the joint heal. After 20 years in practice, we feel this is the best approach to treating patients comprehensively.

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